Workspaces in Linux!

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Demystify Linux

Linux has a concept called workspace. A workspace is simply equivalent to a desktop. Of course there can only be one desktop on a system therefore a workspace is a virtual desktop.I like to compare it with the opening a new web page using a new tab in a web browser.

Workspaces help to categorize our tasks.Consider a system with only one desktop. Suppose we are editing a text file and suddenly we require a search on the web with a browser. Normally we proceed to open the web browser in a new window. Although this is simple it leads to a more cluttered desktop and less screen real estate. Now if we want to open a file or folder on the hard-disk we need to open a new window leading to a further decrease in screen real estate. and more cluttering. This is where the conceot of workspaces starts being useful.

We can create any no of workspace as we want but I think 4 will be sufficient. Now we can improve the above scenario by delegating each of the three tasks to each workspace. This will make it look like that there is only one open window on each workspace leading to less clutter.

Workspace in Linux

Workspace in Linux

The above screenshot was taken while I was creating this blog. It shows the current no of workspaces and their current status on the gnome panel. In the leftmost workspace I have opened the Firefox browser for editing this blog. Moving to the right the second column shows that I have opened an office document for editing and the third one shows that I have opened my hard-disk for saving the screenshot :). The fourth one was used for editing the screenshot using Gimp but it naturally won’t come into the picture 🙂

Workspaces also have lead to some amazing Desktop effects in Linux namely the Cube Desktop Effects.


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