How to change the position of min/max/close buttons in Ubuntu 10.04?

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Linux Tips

The new version of Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) is much better than its predecessors in times of eye-candy and desktop effects! However the position of the minimize,maximize and close buttons on the window title bar has been changed to the left. This could be a problem for users who have got used to the default layout of these buttons which is usually on the right. However it is nothing to write worry about as everything in Ubuntu/Linux can be customized the way you like it.

To change the position of the buttons you need to simply follow the following steps

  • Open the terminal.
  • Type gconf-editor on the terminal.
  • You will be presented with the configuration editor for gnome.
  • The gconf-editor   holds all the configuration info on all the installed programs.
  • Go to apps->metacity->general->button layout.
  • Double-Click on the button layout.
  • Change the value to menu:minimize,maximize,close.
  • The colon indicates the position of the buttons-if the text is on the left of the colon it so will the buttons.

I have to give kudos to  the Ubuntu team. They have really done a good job this time, like every time!

  1. Anand JS says:


    What about the static ip problem in Ubuntu Lucid [network manager has basic bugs]. First service pack has rolled out. I don’t know if they have fixed it.

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