The Future of Linux Gaming! -0 A.D.

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Demystify Linux

Yep the title says it all! I like to think that what I am going to write about is the future of Linux Gaming atleast what it will look like if things go that way.

I have been a fan of the Age of Empires series published by Microsoft. I remember losing any sense of reality or time while playing as the guiding light of those ancient civilizations. Playing them cultivated an interest in ancient history in me. I remember the countless hours I spent on my PC glued to the screen as these games were mesmerizing.

Now some cool dudes who share my passion for open source and the age of empires series have created an open source version of the game and due to that fact it runs natively on Linux. When I saw the screen shots on their official website I was blown away by the quality of the game. A picture speaks a thousand words. So from the shots I posted below which are from the game you can see for yourself if they have done a very good job or not.

The game is called 0 A.D. The game is developed by wildfire games. See their official website for more info!


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The first thing to catch my eye is the water. It so well done that you feel like you want to swim it. I have to give kudos to the wildfire team for that.

The one particular thing I like about this game and that is going to be groundbreaking about is that you can zoom in real close to your village and people. Yes! you can also get the view from the first person perspective. Just imagine how those battles will look from the first person perspective! Its going to be up, close and personal.

However the game is far from complete. There are no campaigns as of yet. There is an AI opponent, but there is a multiplayer option (I haven’t tried that one yet). If you accidentally built your dock on the land, the ships that are produced will simply sit there on the land.

The game is designed to be similar to the first game in the age of empires series. However I must say that the game has a slight identity crisis. Some features of the game look like they are from the former, but there are elements of AOE 2, Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology and AOE 3 in it.

The game looks very promising and I believe that it will be a huge hit if the developers continue with this same momentum.
Best of luck guys and Great Job!!!

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  2. quinton says:

    what i would like to know is how big the buildings are going to be in relation to the units. i know that making it “realistic” is the in thing but i would rather have it playable. those big buildings just gets in the way. AOE 1 had nice small buildings.

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