Where am I standing right now?

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Linux Tips

My programming career has started taking flight and I feel like I have improved quite a lot. I am satisfied with what I have achieved. I have improved my speed in solving programming problems since the last few years. Looking back I have done the following things I am proud of. 

  1. Learned  touch typing (Helps me code fast)
  2. Wrote an MS-paint clone from scratch in DOS based on Object oriented programming principles. (This is what got me hooked into programming)
  3. Wrote a Bash script that organizes files into folders based on the extension. Keeps my system organized and clean. 
  4. Tried out the basics of Javascript calendar. 
  5. Upgraded the menu generation function of a shopping list program for a client? (Had to surf through more than 3000 lines of spaghetti code) and improved the readability and performance of the program in the process (I am proud of this one!!)
  6. Created a custom landing page in Drupal for my company (This was one of my first real life programming projects in Drupal. It took me a month though and management freaked out. I don’t think I will take that long anymore)
  7. Wrote a custom PHP regex based filter for the filtering and automatic tweeting of feed nodes for a client website. This alerted the users of the clients website to be automatically notified of traffic jams.  
  8. Created a custom pager system for the paging of nodes of  certain type in a Drupal website ?
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