About this Blog

There  are many blogs out there in the web which describe about  Linux and try to remove any doubts users have about it. These blogs are created mostly by Linux users and fanboys. However some of them  are a bit complicated for new users who don’t have a taste for the complex commands and scripts and other tech jargon displayed on these sites. Some people maybe initially put off by this and it adds to the complexity myth that sorrounds  Linux.

Through this  blog I intend to portray   everything about Linux as simple as possible. I have posted most of the  content  from my personal experience in using Linux mainly  Ubuntu.  I intend to bring  people to Linux and vice versa and  show them there is an alternative that is better.

I have on another reason for writing this blog.  I use the web for searching for solutions to common tech problems I encounter especially with Linux. By writing a blog of my own I can google up for a solution I had discovered earlier from my very own blog!


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