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Google has ported most of their products and software to Linux. They had ported Google Earth earlier. The latest offering seems to be their Chrome  browser. Seriously I am not fond of their browser due to the questionable privacy issues.  I already use Firefox along with Opera and Flock along with a port of  Chrome itself by some other developer as its opens source.

How many browsers do we need anyway? Even though I have so many I use Firefox most of the time due to the huge number of addons and  to the fact that  it was open source. Google Earth– Nice of Google to port it to Linux. What am I going to do with anyway? I am not a spy! I have no need to keep an eye on the planet to see where my enemies are!! Besides I can do the same stuff from any browser!

What I really need is Gtalk!  I like to be in touch with my friends and love to play online multiplayer games with them via voice chat. Most of  my friends use Gtalk. Although Skype is good they prefer Gtalk. I used to chat a lot on Windows XP. Nowadays I really miss it.

Of course I have  other options. Text Chat is still available on most  browsers and pidgin. There is an another alternative called gtalx (notice the x). Its is an opensource alternative to gtalk  build by a guy named Josef Beekes (Thanks dude!). You can do voice chat along with text and is simply great.  However the problem is installation. It comes as a source code only package and you have to compile it and for this to materialise you need to download about 200 Mb of extra packages. I also need to mofify the source code a bit  to make it compile succesfully. All in all compilation and installation takes about 2 hours!

Alternative Gtalk client for Linux

Alternative Gtalk client for Linux

Now if a lone programmer who hasnt really worked with Google can create such a good alternative to their product, how much easier would it be for google to  create one? Yep It would be a breeze!! Why aren’t they doing that? Rather than porting browsers which are available in plenty or Google Earth for wannabe spies why don’t they create the one thing which is quite rare? One of my friends has refused to move to Linux for this very reason! Google ….are you listening????